NSC Staff

Marilyn Neal                                Executive Director

Carmeshia Williams                    Deputy Director

Helen Lewis Peel                         Executive Assistant

                                                           Representative Payee

                                                           Volunteer Coordinator

Tracy P. Tracy                             Fiscal Officer

Tonya Hayman                           Youth Program Manager

Carolyn Pinder                            Emergency Programs Coordinator

Alicia Parker                                Housing Program Coordinator

Erin Pinkett                                 Office Assistant

Malique Adams                           Maintenance


Cardeaner Robinson                  MEAP/USP Director

Tonet Cuffee                               MEAP/EUSP Intake Worker

Janie Foster                                MEAP Receptionist Scanner

Robin Lake                                  MEAP/EUSP Intake Worker

Amanda Harris                           Shelter Manager

Joanna Williams                        Shelter Lead

Richard (Jason) Elias                Shelter Relief Worker

Ron Rishell                                 Webb's Hope Residental         



Board of Directors

Dr. Molly Burgoyne-Brian           Board Chair

Mr. Dale Skinner                           Vice Chair

Mr. Trevor Newcomb                    Secretary

The. Honorable Megan Cook      Treasurer               


Ms. Maria D'Arcy

The Honorable Ron Engle

Mrs. Lesley Israel

Mr. Marvin Jenkins

Mr. F. Graham Lee

Delegate Johnny Mautz

The Honorable Corey Pack

The Honorable Tonya Pritchett

Mr. Willis Scott

Mrs. Geraldine Wilson

Interested in joining our Board of Directors?

Please click on the document link to the right to download our application for nomination to our Board of Directors.  


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After School Program

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